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Untitled: Into the Mind of Margaret Sutton

By Elianna Bowman, Katheen Daly, Tai Frazier, Jennifer Glazebrook, Wilson LeCount, Luka Molloy, Carolyn Riley, Madison Roberts, Katie Toomey, Maddy Williams Faculty Mentor: Professor Marjorie Och This semester students working on the New York painter Margaret Sutton ’26 were struck by the number of works the artist left untitled. When the works came to Mary …

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Studio Art Senior Art Show

Student presenters: Elizabeth Anderson, Victor Ascensao, Leland Burke, Gabrielle Campbell, Andy Chen, Cassidy Clark, Jessica Clark, Sam Estacion, Gwen Fiorillo, Riley M. Gildea, Michelle Greenway, Patricia Keitz, Sarah J. Kowalewski, Alison Martin, Emma McElwain, Christie Morris, Stephanie Overbeck, Bale Rose, Dee Shirley, Kaitlyn Tiffany, Chloe Wade, Rebecca Webb, Ally Wylde-Gladbach Each year, the graduating studio …

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Senior Seminar: Artist Talk

By Leland Burke Faculty Mentor: Professor Jon McMillan In this artist talk I walk through the body of work that I have created during my time at UMW. I include both modern and contemporary artists that have influenced my work in technique and in concept. I describe the progression of themes in my work over …

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A Tale of Two-City States: Early Modern Venetian and Florentine Perceptions of Melancholy

By Michelle Zillioux Faculty Mentor: Professor Julia DeLancey Despite the significant amount of scholarship produced about sixteenth century Venetian and Florentine visual cultures, there is a considerable lack of academic approaches to early modern research from the perspective of disability studies. However, this does not belie a lack of disability histories to analyze. In fact, …

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The Missing Picture: Early Modern Venetian Attitudes Towards Disability

by Michelle Zillioux Faculty mentor: Professor Julia DeLancey Of all the early modern Venetian visual art that has been studied over the centuries, few works of art depict diverse mental conditions. This blank spot in Venice’s visual history is telling of the government’s attempts to self-fashion a positive image of the city. As early modern …

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