El eterno femenino: Ramón Hernández y su experiencia

by Abigail Slaughter

Faculty mentor: Professor Elizabeth Lewis

This podcast is a creative performance based on El eterno femenino, by Rosario Castellanos, a play about a woman named Lupita that goes to the beauty salon to get her hair done before her wedding. She tries out a new hairdryer, which puts her into a dream state. This podcast episode covers the fictitious experience of a witness at the hair salon named Ramón Hernández, who recounts his experience witnessing Lupita murmur things to herself while dreaming.


Problematic Approaches in Communication Towards People with Disabilities

By Samantha Price

Faculty Mentor: Professor Emily Crosby

Through this video essay, I am hoping to draw attention to the problematic approaches in communication towards people with disabilities, but specifically invisible disabilities. In this video essay, I talk about the harmful effects of using war metaphors when talking about chronic illnesses, why inspiration porn is problematic, and how COVID-19 has impacted the rhetoric when talking about disabilities and chronic illnesses. We should all be working towards creating an environment that doesn’t negatively impact or burden those suffering with chronic illnesses or disabilities and I hope this video essay is just the start of the research you do to better support your chronically ill and disabled loved ones.