COVID-19 Through Nepali Teachers’ Perspectives

By: Isabella Burns, Rachel Walters, Jenna Holland

Faculty mentor: Dr. Leslie Martin

The Nepali education system has been affected by the extensive spread of COVID-19. Before the pandemic, Nepal was in a period of growth regarding educational policy after suffering from a civil conflict that lasted 10 years (Valente 2015; Parker et al. 2013). Although Nepal was in the process of recovering, they have a considerable digital divide with a lack of Internet access for many citizens (Mandal, 2020). Nepal has supplemented the lack of Internet access with TVs, radios, and phones (Dhamala 2020; Radhakrishnan-Nair et al. 2020; UNESCO 2020). Because the pandemic is current, there is a lack of research on how COVID-19 and the lack of Internet access have affected the teachers in the Nepali education system. In our research, we investigate Nepali teachers’ perspectives of COVID-19 affecting the education system.

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  1. I’m so excited to see this project! Their education system and culture are both very different from ours and fundamentally similar.

    It sounds like remote learning was hard for everyone. Great job in painting a picture of their experiences and highlighting the challenges that we’ve all had to overcome in the past year or so.

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