Senior Seminar: Artist Talk

By Leland Burke

Faculty Mentor: Professor Jon McMillan

In this artist talk I walk through the body of work that I have created during my time at UMW. I include both modern and contemporary artists that have influenced my work in technique and in concept. I describe the progression of themes in my work over the last four years in the context of my experiences, with a focus on the most recent oil paintings from my senior seminar class.

2 Replies to “Senior Seminar: Artist Talk”

  1. Congratulations Leland!
    Your work has really developed over the past few years and it’s been great to work with you. Plus you did an excellent job as a studio aide!

  2. Congratulations, Leland, on great work and a great presentation. I really appreciated the openness and clarity with which you spoke about your work and your experiences–and the way you’ve engaged with art making during the pandemic.. “Lantern” was especially interesting to me as it made me think of a variety of paintings from art history. Congratulations again!

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